Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Candy Crush Saga game.
Q:  Why can't I ask for lives on Candy Crush?

A:  If you run out of lives on Candy Crush you may get this popup when you try to request lives from your friends. The offer is to play a few levels of another King game. You may also get some free boosters as well as 5 lives if you claim the offer.
If you do not want to claim the offer and prefer to ask friends for lives you can avoid getting this by asking for lives BEFORE you run out completely.
Go here to find out how to get UNLIMITED LIVES.

Q:  Where do all my lives go?
A:  You are only allowed to have 5 lives at a time, So any more which are sent when your lives are full will be lost on a PC or laptop.  On mobile devices you can save extra lives in your message box providing you don't accept them.
Go here to find out how to get UNLIMITED LIVES.

Q:  Why can't I use extra moves on Candy Crush?
A:   Extra moves are sent by your friends when you have been stuck on a level for a period of time, usually 2 days.
They can only be used on the level you were on when you received them, so once you have passed that level the extra moves will stay there.
Go here to find out about EXTRA MOVES

Q:   How do I get a ticket to move on in Candy Crush?
A:   The game is divided into sections of 15 levels, starting at level 20. After you have completed each section you need to ask friends who play Candy Crush Saga for tickets to move on to the next section. 
The more friends you ask, the quicker you will get your tickets and continue playing. You need 3 tickets.
Mobile device players who are not connected to FB will have to pay a small amount to download the next section.
Go here to find out how to GET TICKETS.


Anonymous said...

I've brought lives on candy and recieved to use them on my laptop but when I try to do the same on my I phone they aren't available to use?? Any ideas why?? I use my I phone the most and it's frustrating. I've tried going through apple but nothing works??

Admin said...

Lives on a PC and mobile device seem to be separate. Lives you have saved on your mobile can't be passed over to your PC, as also lives purchased on one are separate from the other.

Anonymous said...

When will more levels for the ipad be released it only goes to 410 yet on the computer there are many more.

Jovita said...

How do my friends send me tickets? I don't think they know how. I know I don't.

bright said...

Why on Candy Crush FACEBOOK can I not save lives? Occasionally i will be sent lives I do not use and it will pop up but then it is gone.

Tracey said...

Why do I keep loosing my lives when I don't use them? And I am not accepting to send lives because they take them from me! I use to have a ninety lives and now I have lost them all! Every time I get some the next time I go on they are gone!

Anonymous said...

I was on level 105 and then my finger touched level can I get back to level 105?8

Lucie Gant said...

I have just finished my third quest after successfully completing level 215 and the screen froze and when it re-opened it went back to level 1. I have no way of getting back to level 215 - any help would be appreciated as it has taken me ages to get this far - is this normal?

Anonymous said...

I passed level 650 two weeks ago.why can`t I advance to more levels?Is the last level ?

Anonymous said...

How do I clear the jelly squares in level 13??

Anonymous said...

I can't open my Candy Crush after updating version from 1.43.1 to 43.1. How shall I do to continue the updated one or how shall I get back to old version?

Anonymous said...

Why has my life timer increase from tweny minute to 2102608 and I have no lives to play

Anonymous said...

wHY HAS MY LIFE TIMER INCREASE FROM TWENTY MINUTES TO 210212. and I have no lives to play with how do I rset this

Anonymous said...

What does a gold bar on a green band mean. How do I pay for lives ?fishkay